5 Tips for Marketing in the Summertime

5 Tips for Marketing in the Summertime

The weather is heating up but that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should be cooling off. Summer means that they year is about half done which is a perfect time to update your marketing plan.

As nice as it would be to hit the pool or the beach, the smart business owner should spend some time considering the best way to attract customers and increase sales over the summer months. For most people, summer is a slow time. Some use it as a chance to catch their breath before gearing up for the holidays, however why not pick up extra sales now so you aren’t so pressured then?

So before you hit the pool, take a peek at these 5 ways to market for summer. Utilizing one or two of them could make the difference between a good and great year.

5 Great Summer Strategies

  • Summer Sales – Sales are usually tight during the summer. That means competitive pricing and deals are more important. Even the slightest edge over a competitor might get you a few extra sales. That means running promotions or sale events centered on the numerous holidays (Mother’s Day Father’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July) are important. You can bet if you don’t do it, your competition will.
  • Video Marketing – Going viral via video is still one of the fastest ways to get your product in front of the most sets of eyes. People are bored at the office during the summer and would love something to take their mind off work. Of course that is easier said than done. Viral video content needs to be engaging, stand out, be well researched, and be eye-grabbing (or slightly wacky and weird). Then once you have found just the right combination it needs to set free on the social airwaves.
  • Hold a Themed Event – Who doesn’t love a good themed event? The great thing about summer is that warmer weather encourages people to get out and have fun. Why not turn that into an opportunity? You can combine the event with promotions or even as an excuse to pass out free samples. Plus, who doesn’t love a good party?
  • Stay Social – People are connected now more than ever. Use that to your advantage by launching social media events such as sales and product promotions. Use videos, images, and everything else imaginable to keep your posts interesting and relevant. Make sure to cross-promote social content between all of your outlets to try and increase your reach.
  • Blog It – If you don’t have one, start one. A blog fits perfectly into any ad campaign and works well if you plan on getting more social because it gives you one more thing to offer to people. Studies have shown that blogging every day or two gives companies a big advantage over those who don’t. Plus you can ask people to guest blog to help extend your reach to their circles. Using people in your industry or a similar one can help you push your presence to new territories.

While it might be nice to take the summer off, for most of us it is just not a practical idea. However if you get a jump on marketing at the beginning of the season, then it makes it easier to relax on the back end as those sales start coming in and you aren’t worrying about the end of the year before the end of summer.

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